Monday, 11 August 2014

You HAVE to See the Hilarious Thing One Woman Is Doing on Her Runs

This might be the most entertaining form of fitspiration yet.

Training for a race, or even just logging some miles to stay fit, can definitely be challenging. Between actually getting yourself to hit the road and then keeping up the pace without calling it quits, sometimes you need a little extra motivation to stay on track.
Take Claire Wyckoff of San Francisco, for example. She creatively came up with the idea of using her Nike + exercise tracker to map her runs
While this is clearly silly and hilarious, we have to say: It's also pretty genius. When you give your run or your workout a super-fun end goal—like finishing a work of art—it makes sweating it out way more enjoyable (and much harder to cut short!).

write your thoughts about! 
a-do you find it funny and logic or the other way around?
b- do you have any own plan to follow and help you with your goals?
c- are you planning any running sign up or do you have any goal plan for this spring time coming?

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