Monday, 18 August 2014

Unit 6- Must, mustn't, needn't

You MUST do something = it is necessary that you do it....
  • example: Don't tell anybody what I said. You MUST keep it as a secret
You MUSTN'T do something = it is necessary that you do not do it (so don't do it)

  • example: It's essential that nobody hears us. We MUSTN'T make any noise 
You NEEDN'T do something = it is not necessary that you do it, you don't need to do it

  • example:We've got plenty of time. We NEEDN'T to hurry (it is not necessary to hurry)


instead of NEEDN'T you can use DON'T /DOESN'T NEED TO

Remember that you can say : don't need to do but needn't do

Now compare this: needn't (do) and needn't have (done)


a) That shirt isn't dirty. You needn't wash it!

b) Why did you wash that shirt? it wasn't dirty. You needn't have washed it!

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