Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Gerund after Preposition (Verbs)

Gerund after prepositions (verbs)

We use the Gerund after prepositions.

verb + preposition
Exception: to
Here we use the phrase:
looking forward to + Gerund
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.
We use the Gerund after the following phrases:
accuse ofThey were accused of breaking into a shop.
agree withagree with playing darts.
apologize forThey apologize for being late.
believe inShe doesn't believe in getting lost in the wood.
blame forThe reporter is blamed for writing bad stories.
complain aboutShe complains about bullying.
concentrate onDo you concentrate on reading or writing?
congratulate sb. onI wanted to congratulate you on making such a good speech.
cope withHe is not sure how to cope with getting older.
decide againstThey decided against stealing the car.
depend onSuccess may depend on becoming more patient.
dream about/ofSue dreams of being a pop star.
feel likeThey feel like going to bed.
get used toYou must get used to working long hours.
insist onThe girls insisted on going out with Mark.
look forward toI'm looking forward to seeing you soon.
prevent sb. from sth.How can I prevent Kate from working in this shop?
rely on sth.He doesn't rely on winning in the casino.
succeed inHow then can I succeed in learning chemistry?
specialize inThe firm specialized in designing websites.
stop sb. fromstopped Andrew from smoking.
talk about/ofThey often talk about travelling to New Zealand.
think ofFrank thinks of playing chess.
warn sb. againstWe warned them against using this computer.
worry aboutThe patient worries about having the check-up.

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