Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How do you feel? Phrasal verbs/phrases

Pharrell Williams- "Happy"

In dealing with an emotional state- like happiness is- in his song "Happy", the US singer Pharrell Williams makes use of many phrases, which can help you to learn or otherwise to describe your feelings

Hence our decision to focus our attention on phrasal verbs and phrases that lift our spirits for good!

Please answer the following questions:

1) List five things (food, activities, films, etc.) that usually lift your spirits.

2) Have you ever felt like hitting the floor? If so, when?  

3) What would you suggest to one of your friends if he/she is in low spirits?

1.     Match the phrases with their meanings

a)      To clap along
b)      To take a break
c)      To seem crazy
d)      By the way
e)      Hold it back
f)       To warn sb
g)      Waste sb’s time

1.      Incidentally, notabene, just to add, marginally;
2.      To stop what you’re doing for a while;
3.      To clap your hands with everybody;
4.      To stop something, to delay;
5.      To say that something might be dangerous;
6.      To spend time doing stupid, unnecessary things;
7.      To look really strange;


1 comment:

  1. Camiii
    The five things are:
    listening to music; watching a movie; studying; going shopping; eat chocolates :D ;
    no, i haven´t
    I would suggest to do what he/she loves !

    To clap along: 3
    To take a break: 2
    To seem crazy: 7
    By the way: 1
    Hold it back: 4
    To warn:5
    Waste time: 6